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Step into Italia Tornabene's world, where her life's triumphs unfold, one captivating page at a time. "Suits to Stilettos" isn't just a book; it's a front-row seat to witness the incredible resilience of the human spirit.

Join Italia's journey from a challenging start to defying odds and creating her own success story.


Born into adversity, Italia faced it all — from teenage motherhood to homelessness. But this isn't just about struggles; it's about the gritty determination that refuses to bow down. Her book is an immersive dive into the unconventional, and the story is an inspiration for those who seek a path beyond limitations.

"Suits to Stilettos" is a lifeline for those ready to transform their lives. Ready to be inspired? Grab your copy and start the journey today. Your circumstances don't define you; your choices do.

About the Book


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This highly anticipated autobiography will unveil the untold stories of Italia's life, her rise as an entrepreneur, and her relentless pursuit of financial freedom.

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About the Author

Italia Tornabene, a self-made millionaire, author, serial entrepreneur, and savvy investor, shares her extraordinary life experiences.


From rubbing shoulders with elite individuals to her unconventional career as an exotic dancer and sex worker, Italia's journey is as captivating as it is inspiring.


Discover how she overcame hardships and built an empire through resilience and determination. Her story is empowering and empowering testament to the resilience inherent in us all, and she's thrilled to share her wisdom with everyone she encounters. 



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