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About The Book

Meet the
Unconventional Force Behind the Pen

Italia Tornabene: From Suits to Stilettos" is an extraordinary journey of a full-time government analyst who transformed herself into a prolific entrepreneur, owning not just one, but four successful businesses. With a unique storytelling approach, Italia delves into her fascinating life experiences, from her time spent with famous individuals like Hunter Biden to her unconventional career as an exotic dancer and sex worker.

But Italia's story doesn't end there. By the age of 37, she became a self-made millionaire, all while navigating the challenges of being a single mother. Her resilience and determination propelled her to become an author, serial entrepreneur, and savvy investor, achieving financial freedom by 36.


This new found freedom allowed her to embark on adventures around the world. An adventure to find love and a new country to call home, while writing her second book and witnessing her son pursue his dreams in college.


However, Italia's journey was not without its share of hardships. She faced heartbreak, a near-death experience, and the crushing loss of everything she had built, multiple times. Yet, with each setback, Italia found the strength to rise again, building her empire through trial and error and astute investing strategies. Even more inspiring is her journey to repair her relationship with her ex-husband and reignite their shared love for travel.

Throughout her life, Italia also faced the deep sorrow of losing her best friend to suicide and struggling with body dysmorphia. Additionally, she experienced the profound loss of her father after his battle with cancer and dementia.


However, amidst these heart-wrenching moments, Italia witnessed her son confidently pursuing his dreams, showcasing the resilience and indomitable spirit that define her story.

Ultimately, "Italia Tornabene: From Suits to Stilettos" embodies a tale of triumph over adversity. Despite facing countless obstacles, Italia overcame them all, embracing a life of absolute fulfillment and joy by the age of 37.


Her story is an inspiration to anyone seeking to overcome life's challenges and build a life worth celebrating.

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